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NOPE! welcomes members from DC and beyond. As a DC-based group, we focus on actions that DC residents (who don’t have Senators and Congressman) can take, but as you’ll see, many of these are relevant to progressives from all states!

Here is a list of NOPE’s current actions and work groups. If you are interested in connecting with other NOPE members by joining one of these actions/work groups OR if you have comments, suggestions, and questions, please email us at nopeneighbors@gmail.com or post on our Facebook page.

Other ways to get involved include simply clicking on Contact Us or the Next NOPE Meeting link in the yellow bar at the top of every page on this website.

flip from Red to blue

NOPE Neighbors' cornerstone activity is to help flip the country from Republican Red to Democratic Blue by getting involved in local, state, and federal elections. We are raising funds for progressive candidates, knocking on doors for elections in nearby states, writing postcards, making phone calls, and asking our friends and relatives to get involved in key elections in their states.

With the 2018 midterm elections coming soon, NOW is the time to take action! To take back the House, the Democrats need to flip 23 Republican seats, while keeping the 195 seats they currently hold. As Thomas Friedman wrote in Sounding Code Red: Electing the Trump Resistance, "this election is your first chance since 2016 to vote against Donald Trump". Our current activities to help the country vote against Donald Trump are described in more detail on the Red To Blue page.

racial justice working group

Goal: The ultimate goal of the Racial Justice Working Group is to create a multi-racial group to fight against racial injustice locally. The first step is for non-black neighbors to educate themselves about their own personal anti-black biases, the history and legacy of anti-black racism and the governmental and societal systems that maintain racism today.

Who we are: We created the Racial Justice Working Group after a racist incident in our DC neighborhood. A black mom in our mostly white neighborhood was arrested and hauled off in handcuffs for playing music at a party in her own home. Some neighbors couldn’t see this arrest as an act of racism. Ultimately, DC’s police chief apologized for the arrest and promised more training for police. But the stark fact that she would never have been arrested if she were white, moved us to act.

We’ve created three subgroups to both educate and take action. You can join at any time here.

Education Subgroup: The Education Subgroup is for non-black members to learn about anti-black racism. We want non-black participants to delve into their personal biases and the history and impact of systemic anti-black racism without depending on black participants to do the work of educating them. Some of the topics we’ve covered so far are: the messages we received around race growing up, unconscious bias, white suburbia, micro-aggressions, the book “So You Want to Talk about Race”, the Netflix movie “13th” We’ll be discussing “White Fragility” soon. This group meets monthly.

Racial Dialogue Subgroup: We’ll create a new subgroup for African American participants only, who will meet together to discuss local racial justice issues and to develop ideas for action. The mission of this group will be decided by the participants. Date of first meeting TBD. Contact jeansimons@gmail.com If interested.

Action Subgroup: This will also be a new subgroup, open to all. We’re hoping to fight against racism in our local neighborhoods (DC & Montgomery Co.) and support local groups already doing anti-racism work. Some ideas include holding local workshops on When to Call the Police; and supporting local groups who are fighting gentrification and displacement and are pushing for more affordable housing. Date of first meeting TBD. Contact jeansimons@gmail.com if interested.

neighbors rising

An offshoot of NOPE, this local group supports low-income neighbors who have been made more vulnerable by the increase of anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments.  The group: (1) supports partner organizations that are improving the lives of  immigrant families and (2) facilitates collaborative giving in the DC-MD metro area.  Specific services include: conducting house parties for friends and neighbors to learn about how partner organizations help people in need; promoting donation drives, and making Listserv announcements about events and opportunities to help immigrant neighbors.  For more information go to http://www.neighborsrising.org/home.html

fight for home rule

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), former chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee, is gone. But we still need to persist against members of Congress who want to reverse D.C. laws and voter-approved ballots (or maybe to annex DC to Montgomery County??). This includes DC's Sanctuary City status, our new death with dignity law, and our abortion rights and gun laws. We need to let then know this is not okay, and to be ready to mobilize. We can join the Americans for Self-Rule PAC and work with Hands Off DC.

Choose an Issue and Take the Lead

Do you have an issue or confirmation you want to take the lead on? Jump right in. Form a work group. Post about it on our Facebook page and encourage others to join in your effort. Be sure to coordinate with the Mobilize our Family and Friends work group so we can help you spread your message to people outside the DC area.

Support our Local Businesses

Let's be prepared to jump in if right-wing groups continue to protest and/or make threatening calls to Comet Ping Pong, Politics and Prose, Terasol, and other local businesses. We’ve collected information on nonviolence training (see, for example, Swamp Revolt website) and have sponsored a bystander intervention training course for NOPE members and others in the area. 

Support our Fellow Resisters when they come to DC

Over the next four years, people will be streaming to DC to march, protest, lobby, or otherwise resist the Trump administration. We want to be ready to help them however we can - provide housing, Metro fare cards and instructions, information on who to talk to and what to tell them.

Let's Keep Those Flags and Balloons Flying!

When Pence's neighbors started flying rainbow flags to protest his anti-LGBT policies and actions, this simple act went viral throughout Chevy Chase DC. Now it is time to buy your own TRUMP BABY BALLOON!

“Baby” versions of England’s Trump Baby Balloons are for sale on Amazon (click here for an example). Let’s stock up on them so we’ll all have our own balloon to fly when the right moment arrives! Will that be the day the Blue Wave takes over the U.S. House? The day Mueller releases his report? Impeachment day? All three???