NOPE Meeting - June 24, 2019

Our next meeting is on Monday, June 24th when we'll kick-off our VA Is for Democracy Lovers 2019 campaign with peer-to-peer email fundraising, canvassing and postcarding.

Here's a preview of the candidates who are running. We will be joined by Delegate Alfonso Lopez, Minority Whip for the VA House of Delegates. He'll give us an insider's view of what's happening with the VA candidates running in 2019, the impact of flipping so many seats in 2017, and what to expect in 2020.

We do hope you can join us. Let us know that you'll be there Monday, June 24th by RSVPing here.

NOPE Meeting Notes - May 16, 2019

We had a good meeting on May 16. Luis Auguilar, director of CASA in Action Virginia, told us about its work to advance fundamental rights for immigrant women, families, and low wage workers. His story was compelling as he told us about how DACA has allowed him to be an organizer. You can read more about him in his op-ed.

Luis and CASA are doing critically important work. We decided to direct our Defend Our Democracy fundraising to CASA VA for May and June because they are on the front line of making sure that Latinx citizens are registered, have absentee ballots where needed, and can cast their votes for pro-immigrant, progressive candidates. As we move into the summer months we're turning our focus to flipping the Virginia state legislature. By supporting CASA Virginia now we are both advancing voter empowerment and helping to flip VA from Red to Blue in 2019 (as well as making sure it stays blue in the 2020 presidential balloting). Please give generously to CASA in Action VA as a one-time donation or as a member of our monthly Giving Circle at this DONATION LINK.

And if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to donate to our other two voter access organizations:

DC Vote: More than 700,000 people, about 48% of whom are African-American, live in DC. Although we pay federal taxes, we do not have representation in Congress and we do not have the right to govern ourselves. There is currently a lot of momentum for statehood (thanks, in part, to the new progressive Dems we helped elect to Congress) though it won’t happen until we also flip the Senate and White House. DC Vote is coordinating with other local and national organizations to fight for statehood for the District of Columbia. Here is the DC Vote donation link.

Fair Fight Action, led by Stacey Abrams, is working to make sure that every citizen in her state of Georgia has the opportunity to vote. The group promotes fair elections in the state, provides voter education and outreach, engages in targeted voter registration, and lobbies the state legislature to support election reforms. Here is the Fair Fight Action donation link.

During the May meeting we received updates from the following local partner groups:

DC Neighbors for Racial Justice

We are supporting the Brookland Manor Initiative, May 30, 6:30pm. In this campaign, we’re working with lawyers from the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless and advocates from One DC to help fight the displacement of low-income black residents from Brookland Manor in NE DC. We’ll be hearing from the Residents Association on May 30th about what steps our group can take. Let Alex Bailey, co-coordinator of DCNRJ, know if you'd like to attend the May 30th meeting or if you want to be part of this initiative. For more information about DCNRJ check out this LINK or contact Jean Simons, To be added to the listserve send an email to Jayme Epstein (

Herd on the Hill

Herd on the Hill brings constituent speech directly and physically into congressional offices by delivering constituent letters from around the country. Volunteers from DC who work with Herd are highly motivated, as we have no voting representation in the House or the Senate. You'll be paired with an experienced Herder, and also receive training before making your first deliveries to Congressional offices. Please contact Betty Hawks,, for more information.

DC Statehood

There are many upcoming events:

51st for 51: Tuesday, May 21, at 11am on the East Lawn of the Capitol. This is a campaign to build awareness and pressure so that the threshold for passing a statehood bill is the same for a Supreme Court Justice: 51 votes. It aims to ensure that the filibuster will not stand in the way of making DC the 51st state .

Statehood Filmfest on May 24.

D.C. Statehood Hearing: Super Important! DC Vote is starting to get people organized to make sure we show up to the D.C. Statehood Hearing in the House this summer. Sign-up here to make sure we are ready to be a part of this historic event to help show Congress & the nation this is what we want & deserve..

For more information and to join the DC Statehood email list contact Jacqui Lieberman at

Neighbors Rising

Identity is honoring Neighbors Rising on September 26th, Save the Date!

Over the past few years Neighbors Rising has helped support our Latino neighbors most challenged by anti-immigrant sentiment and action. Our network of neighbors demonstrate that our DC-MD metro community cares and capably stands up for our low-income neighbors experiencing life within today’s vulnerable immigrant context. In recognition of all this, Neighbors Rising will be among the 3 honorees at Identity’s 20th anniversary gala, a NR partner organization. All honor goes to Jeannie Engel for creating and leading Neighbors Rising. For more information, contact her at:

NOPE Network - Video Conferencing to Share NOPE’s Secret Sauce

If you know of groups that would like to learn more about our peer-to-peer email & giving circle fundraising, canvassing coordination, power postcarding & more, send them our way. We’re hosting regular Zoom calls and webinars to share what we’ve learned with each other. For more information contact: Debra Fried Levin at

Our next NOPE meeting is Monday, June 24th when we'll kick-off our Virginia Is for Democracy Lovers 2019 campaign with peer-to-peer email fundraising, canvassing and postcarding. Here's a preview of the candidates who are running. We will be joined by Delegate Alfonso Lopez, Minority Whip for the VA House of Delegates. He'll give us an insider's view of what's happening with the VA candidates running in 2019, the impact of flipping so many seats in 2017, and what to expect in 2020.

We do hope you can join us. Let us know that you'll be there Monday, June 24th by RSVPing here.

NOPE Neighbors Meeting: Thursday, May 16, 2019

Our next NOPE meeting is on Thursday, May 16th. We will be joined by Luis Aguilar from CASA in Action - - as part of our current focus on voter access and empowerment and Virginia.

Here is the preliminary agenda:

6:30 - Orientation for those new to NOPE (Neighbors Organizing for Power and Equality) & socializing for others

7:00 - 8:30

  • Defending our democracy by supporting groups that are working on voter access and empowerment . April/May focus is on CASA in Action in Virginia - Luis Aguilar, CASA VA political director, will join us and talk about their work in VA

  • Help flip VA's House and Senate, finish what we started in 2017

  • Advance DC local priorities - racial justice and immigrant support

  • Advance national legislation with Herd on the Hill - Replicate our model near and far via NOPE Network - Update on 2020


NOPE Notes March 18, 2019

New Members - Introduction to NOPE

Kathy led the introduction to NOPE for six first-time attendees to NOPE. She gave a summary of NOPE’s history, our strategy for flipping seats from Republican to Democrat, our past activities, and what to expect in 2019. Attendees asked about the kitchen cabinet, our partnership with Swing-Left, and the beneficiaries of Neighbors Rising.

Welcome and Introduction

Joanna welcomed everyone, introduced the evening’s agenda and asked the crowd to identify themselves by where they live.

NOPE Priorities for 2019

Giving Circle - Voter Access and Empowerment

Debra summarized NOPE’s fundraising in 2017-2018 and spoke about our priorities in 2019. Hosts of the April gatherings stood and gave dates and a brief description of their planned events. Sign-up sheets were circulated. Debra emphasized that the gatherings were to learn from and share with each other. She also gave updates on fundraising for Fair Fight, our new target DC Vote and spoke about future activities for VA House of Delegates and Senate races. Finally, Debra introduced upcoming NOPE webinars to help other groups focus and expand efforts for political organizing. She encouraged everyone to let her know of anyone who may be interested.


Carol reviewed the results of a survey sent to 105 people who canvassed with NOPE in the weeks leading up to Election Day 2018. About a third responded, with nearly half having canvassed more than three times. A key question asked for suggestions about how canvassing arrangements could be improved to encourage individuals to canvass more. A theme emerging from the suggestions was that the campaigns could do a better job at launch sites, to include, for example: 1) streamlining the on-site orientation so experienced canvassers can get out to knock doors sooner and 2) providing NOPE with turf that maximizes our efficiency, given that we’re carpooling together from distances that are an hour or more away. A couple of people mentioned that campaigns should be encouraged to continue making paper walk packets an option for canvassers. A suggestion that NOPE expects to take up this year is to create a best practices list. Cathy Sunshine, Liz McNichol, and Dale Kaufman were introduced as members who will help train or lead canvassers in 2019.

Advancing Local Priorities


Jean welcomed all to attend RJWG meetings and introduced the subject of the next meeting. The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless will present on the displacement of Brookland Manor residents in NE DC. She also invited everyone to sign up for emails even if they cannot attend all of the meetings.

Neighbors Rising

Jeannie introduced Neighbors Rising as a “simple operation with a big impact” and explained how it supports the Latin American Youth Center and Identity. She spoke about the upcoming LAYC gala and the ways to contribute.


Betty said that 9 attendees at the February NOPE meeting signed up to receive info on Herd events. While no new NOPEsters were available for the next event, Herd on the Hill had a good turnout to deliver letters to Senators midday on March 14. Kevin Mulshine and Betty delivered more than 110 letters and shamrock messages, the dominant issue in most was non-support of Trump’s Emergency Act. Later that afternoon, the Senate passed the resolution against his state of emergency. She explained how the group works and invited others to participate.

DC Vote – Barbara Helmick

Jacqui spoke about the importance of DC statehood, suggested that tactics used in Virginia campaigns might be applied to DC statehood, and then introduced Barbara Helmick.

Barbara first said that the strategy was to “win and not to get closer” to statehood. She gave a history of DC’s efforts from 1993 under the Clinton administration through the campaign in 2007 to get a vote in the House. She explained the fundraising effort in 2015 which comprised of canvassing house-to-house with paid staff and the change in strategy – the goal of statehood rather than a vote in the House and push-back on congressional overreach. She described coordination with the mayor’s office and the specific focus on meeting the criteria for statehood. To date, 201 House Democrats and 30 Senators have signed onto HR 51. DC Vote’s goal is to get co-sponsorship from 90% of the House and Senate.

Barbara closed her presentation by telling us that the way to talk about DC statehood is by talking about voter suppression and that the progressive candidates we support in 2019 should be clearly on board.







NOPE Neighbors Monthly Meeting

March 18, 2019

6:30 - 7:00 Orientation for those new to NOPE and socializing time for others

7:00 - 7:05 Welcome  

7:05 - 7: 20 NOPE Priorities for 2019

  • Giving Circle focus on Voter Access and Empowerment

    • Stacey Abrams update (February/March)  

    • DC statehood/voting rights (March/April)   

    • Voter empowerment group to support in May (North Carolina special election, Latino voter empowerment, other?)

  • Virginia House of Delegates and Senate Races (June and July)

  • Canvassing survey results

  • Introducing the NOPE Network (replicating our model near and far)  

7:20 -7:45 Advancing DC Local Priorities and Other Actions

  • Racial Justice Working Group (Jean Simons)

  • Neighbors Rising (Jeannie Engel)

  • Herd on the Hill (Betty Hawks)

  • April Neighbor to Neighbor small gatherings (Debra)

7:45 - 8:30 DC Statehood  - Barbara Helmick, DC Vote

Write Postcards for Elissa Silverman

Monday October 29

We WIll write postcards to GOTV for Elissa Silverman for DC CIty Council on Monday, October 29. RSVP for either time:

2:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Cleveland Park, The Broadmoor)

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. 6:00-8:00 PM  (Chevy Chase, DC)

We’ve all been laser-focused on turning competitive races blue in states near and far, but never forgetting our own DC Council race.  If you’re committed to retaining Elissa Silverman – fierce independent and guardian of taxpayers’ money, who owes nothing to special interests – as one of our At-Large Council members, then please volunteer to help her campaign* in these remaining 11 days. 

NOPE will hold a GOTV postcard-writing party for Elissa on Monday, October 29. Postcard-writers will complete 20 cards on-site (@ $8/ to cover costs), so we can mail them the next day. If you prefer to pick up a batch of cards to write at home and mail yourself, it’s crucial to mail them Tuesday or no later than Wednesday – cards may convince recipients to vote early, which is possible prior to 7 pm Friday Nov 2, or on Election Day.

We’ll have the postcards, pens, sample message(s), even some decorative materials, as well as some light refreshments to keep up our energies – all we need is your RSVP by this Saturday to help us plan for adequate numbers of cards, etc.

Please RSVP by Saturday to for the time period you want to attend on Monday, October 29. (Please include your name, email address, and phone number.) You’ll receive an email confirmation with the address.

See you on Monday, Oct. 29!!

* for other volunteer opportunities for Elissa, go to:

Monthly NOPE Meeting - Monday, October 22, 2018

Please join us at our October NOPE Meeting on October 22, 2018 at Debra’s House in Chevy Chase DC



6:00 - 6:45 Postcards and text banking for congressional candidates

7:00 - 8:30 Meeting

  • NOPE's Flipping Fifteen competitive US House candidates - fundraising update

  • "Meet" via Skype one of the VA candidates for whom we will be canvassing and Getting Out the Vote

  • Canvassing update - the all out, final push through Election Day

  • Racial Justice Working Group and Neighbors Rising for immigrant families - updates

NOPE Meeting Notes - September 24, 2018

Here's a way to respond to the Kavanaugh hearings besides fuming: Be part of the Blue Wave.  We can flip House - in fact we just gotta flip the House and reclaim at least one lever of power.  There are now only 35 days until the midterm election, let's make them count.  We can't be complacent.  You don't have to have been at our meeting last week to take part in any or all of the action steps that follow.  Please give generously, canvass often, ask others to join you, and repeat.  

We hope you can join us at our next meeting on Monday, October 22, RSVP here. 

P.S. Here's a link to our meeting email "hand-outs" and the videos we saw about our candidates.   

TO-DO list from our meeting:

  1. NOPE's Give for Democracy 6 Candidates - Please give now

We are now focused on supporting 6 outstanding candidates who are running strong campaigns, in flippable districts, where our donations can make a difference now. Our candidates are: Lauren Underwood, IL4; Amy McGrath, KY6; Sean Casten, IL6; Antonio Delgado, NY19; Kara Eastman, NE2; and Gina Ortiz Jones, TX23.  Here's a link to a one-page description of the 6 candidates

Your next steps are: 

1) Donate now to our Give for Democracy candidates at this link.  Your single donation will be divided among the 6 candidates so please donate generously.

2)  Multiply your donation many times over by joining our crew of Fabulous Flipping Fundraisers who have so far raised $111,000 for 10 US House candidates How did they do it?  By emailing  friends and family. Rarely does anyone say no, they just ignore your email - and often they respond generously. Your friends and family are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, you are helping them be strategic and effective in their giving. Here's all you need to get it done: 

a)  This link is your email draft text. Adapt it freely, make it authentic, and get it out asap.  A list of helpful hints follow and here are a few do's and don'ts.   If you'd like a personal ActBlue link for this effort, request one from Debra  at  

Send a personal email (Dear NAME) to at least 5 people. You should get a 20-50% response. This is the best way to do email fundraising. The more you send, the better the response. 
Blast it to a larger list (Dear Family and Friends) but expect a 1-5% response.
Post a note and the ACTBlue link on social media.  Don't expect much of a response but follow up with an email to those who like it.  

b) If you like to join our Fabulous Flipping Fundraiser crew, please go to this link, answer a few questions and we'll send you everything you need to get started.  

c) If you have ANY questions, give me a holler, I'm here to help, Debra -

2. Strategic Giving 

NOPE selects its candidates based on good data, candidate research, and strategic decision making on where our donations can have the greatest impact.  We encourage you to be an informed political donor to NOPE supported candidates and others too.  Please give now, give generously, and give wisely.   

NOPE's Flipping Fifteen -- These are all the candidate NOPE is supporting this election cycle.   

60+ Flippable US House Races  -  This is a spreadsheet of all the data that NOPE uses for strategic political giving.

Key Senate Races - NOPE is focused on flipping the US House. But some believe there's a glimmer of hope for flipping the Senate. We encourage you to support Swing Left 31st Street's Senate efforts.

3. Canvassing - Every vote will matter. Canvassing is effective.  Join us in making sure every one of our voters goes to the polls on November 6th.  

NOPE led and Other Selected Canvass Opportunities

Sign-up form for:

Saturday, October 6, Canvass for Leslie Cockburn and

Monday, October 8 Canvassing Training in Chevy Chase, DC

Persuasion Canvassing - A 22 min. Training video produced by Swing Left 31st Street

A Guide to Canvassing - Why and How To Do It

4. Postcards  

If you have completed your Get out The Vote for Spanberger postcards from the last meeting, please return them to Debra's back porch or let Joanna know so she can get them from you We still have 90 addresses left, so if you'd like to write postcards from home, please contact Joanna (

If you want to host your own postcard party, go to to get started. Joanna can also give you some guidance once you've decide to host a party.

 5. Neighbors Rising for our immigrant families  

Through Neighbors Rising, we remind our young neighbors and their families, that the DC-MD community cares about those who have been made more vulnerable by the increase in anti-immigrant and anti-“other" sentiments.  Please see this week’s Washington Post editorial for another fresh reminder of Neighbors Rising’s importance.  Help raise the volume of our message by:  

  • Joining the Neighbors Rising list serve.  Contact Jeannie Engel directly at with questions, ideas and your request to join. You can learn more at  

  • Helping right now by supporting the Latin American Youth Center's upcoming events: 

    • Breakfast for Heroes on October 18 - here's the link  and their  

    • 10K or Marine Corps Marathon team - Support a youth runner at this link    

6. Racial Justice Work Group

Meetings are held in Chevy Chase, DC. RSVP for information on the next meeting. For information about the history and structure of this effort, check out this link to the Racial Justice Working Group Update. Our goal is to create a multi-racial group to fight against racial injustice locally.

7. Spread the Vote  

This is another way to help our voters vote. Spread The Vote obtains government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters. They help voters get the IDs they need for job, housing, voting, and more 365 days a year PLUS Election Day. There are currently active chapters in Northern Virginia. For more information go to:

NOPE Monthly Meeting - MONDAY, September 24, 2018


Click here to RSVP


6:00 Postcards for Abigail Spanberger (VA 07)

7:00 Welcome

7:10 NOPE Neighbors Fundraising

-- Fundraising update  

-- How we did it

-- October Give for Democracy candidates and process  

-- Giving and Raising for Give for Democracy

-- Flipping Fifteen:  the 15 NOPE Giving Circle candidates

-- Senate races

8:00 Canvassing update

8:10 Other updates

-- Share our Vote – voter registration in VA (Mark Zweig)

-- Racial Justice Working Group (Jean Simon)

-- Neighbors Rising (Jeannie Engel)

8:15 Skype with a Give for Democracy candidate

8:35 Wrap-up plus turn in and finish up postcards

Next Meeting:  Monday, October 22

NOPE Meeting Notes - August 27, 2018

More than 50 people attended our August meeting. Here are the meeting highlights:


Save Our Democracy

Please give now, here's the link. 

For September we are supporting four outstanding candidates who are running strong campaigns, in flippable districts, where our donation can make a difference now. We Skyped with one of those candidates - Aftab Puraval. He's a dynamic candidate and good on progressive issues. Our other candidates are Abby Finkenaur, IA1; Danny O'Connor, OH12; and Colin Allred, TX32.  Here's a link to a one-page description of the 4 candidates.  Please give now to our Save Our Democracy candidates at this link.  Your single donation will be divided among the 4 candidates so please donate generously.

Multiply Your Donation Many Times Over 

To date our crew of 20+ NOPE volunteers, most of whom are first time fundraisers, have raised $96,000 for 10 US House candidates running in flippable districts.  We do it all by emailing our friends and family,  very rarely does anyone say no, they just ignore your email,  and then often they respond generously.  If you have not yet signed up to be a member of our monthly Giving Circle and/or be a member of our crew of Fabulous Flipping Fundraisers, please go to this link, answer a few questions and we'll send you everything you need to get started.  We'll send you a personal ActBlue link for our current 4 candidates, sample email text, and helpful hints.  Your friends and family  are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, you are helping them be strategic and effective in their giving.    

Best House Races - 60+ flippable seats

NOPE selects its candidates based on good data, candidate research, and strategic decision making on where our donations can have the greatest impact.  We hope that you'll support NOPE's candidates and others too.  Our goal is to identify good candidates for you and help you be an informed political donor.  Here's the data we work with, compiled by Jim Shelton with  Swing Left 31st Street.  Democrats need to flip 23 seats.  The pollsters and pundits believe it's likely to happen, but you know how that went in 2016.  Let's have no regrets on Wed, November 7th. There are many really good candidates running strong races. Money will help put them over the top in what promise to be narrow margins of victory.  Please give now, give generously and give wisely.   


Here's a great article about the effectiveness of canvassing.  Carol Krafka is coordinating our canvassing calendar, crew, and training.  I dare you to say that 5 times fast.... Voter contact is the key to winning in what promise to be very close races. If you're new to canvassing, we'll get you up to speed, we're offering lots of training and team-up opportunities. If you have not already done so join our list of prospective canvassers.  Here's the link  to get updates for canvasses and training.  And here's the calendar of canvassing and training opportunities. If you need more information you can contact  Carol here: A few immediate opportunities follow, check the calendar for details: 

Saturday & Sunday, Sept 8-9,  Beach and Canvassing Weekend, Virginia Beach, VA2, for Elaine Luria Thurs., Sept. 13, 6:30 Training and Pot Luck, Chevy Chase, DC  -  Delicious Dining and Delving into the Delights of Door Knocking 


At our meeting we did postcards for Vangie Williams who is running to represent Virginia's 1st congressional district.  She's an African-American women running a strong campaign in a tough district.  But there's no telling what will happen on Election Day this year given all the upsets we've seen so far, most recently in the Massachusetts primary that elected Ayanna Pressley as their democratic nominee to Congress. So let's do our part to help Vangie win. At our meeting we completed 295 postcards, and we have handed out the other 200 cards to several postcard-writing volunteers (thank you!!).


We welcome all participants in our national efforts, but we are DC-based, so we also focus on what we can do locally. Here are a few opportunities: 

Re-elect Elissa Silverman for DC Council At-large 

One of our active members, Ruby Carmen, is leading the charge for Elissa. Here's her note asking you to join her in supporting Elissa:  Please join me in supporting Elissa Silverman in her re-election bid as At-Large DC City Council member. There are several reasons why I am supporting Elissa in November. I had the opportunity to meet and hear Elissa at two recent gatherings. Her background in fiscal policy and her skill set in budget analysis give her an advantage we cannot afford to lose on our Council. Elissa is an important advocate for the people in this city who care about honest, fair, and equitable governance.  Elissa chairs the Committee on Labor and Workforce Development and co-authored the Family Paid Leave Act.  She is very involved in the work of the Education Committee and is often referred to as the “sixth man.” Because Elissa is not taking any corporate or PAC money for her campaign, it is very important that we get behind her and support her in any way we can. Please click on the ActBlue link and give whatever you are able to give.  .  To learn more about Elissa, the important work she is doing for all wards in our city, and how you can help please visit her website: .   And be sure to order a lawn sign here:

Neighbors Rising In Support of Our Immigrants Families 

While we are committed to changing the political landscape our neighbors need help now.  Through Neighbors Rising lead by Jeannie Engel we are providing that help. Here's the link to an update on all their activities.  Most immediately they are doing a book drive for Identity’s after school program:  only 40 out of 275 books to go!  The gift of books reminds our young neighbors, their families and our full community that our community cares about our neighbors and that we stand with our neighbors made more vulnerable by anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments. Go to the update link for details.

Racial Justice Working Group

The next meeting of the Racial Justice Working Group is Thursday September 13th at 6:30 at Jean's house. RSVP for address. For information about the history and structure of this effort, check out this link to the Racial Justice Working Group Update. Our goal is to create a multi-racial group to fight against racial injustice locally.