about NOPE!

Who We are

NOPE members include friends, neighbors, and colleagues from Chevy Chase DC and beyond - who join together to in opposition to the Trump administration and its allies in Congress. DC residents are in the unique position of having no representation in Congress so NOPE focuses on the actions that we can take as unrepresented citizens. We welcome people from DC, Maryland, Virginia and across the country who share our goals.

Our Purpose

NOPE!'s goal is to bring DC residents together to resist the policies the Trump administration and its allies in Congress have already started to, and will continue to, implement. DC residents are in a unique position in that we do not have Congressional representation AND Congress has the power to approve how the city spends its budget.

For these reasons, NOPE! looks through a "DC lens" in deciding how we can best fight the Trump administration. We will:

  • Get involved in local, state, and federal elections so that we can help flip the country from Republican Red to Democratic Blue. We are raising funds for progressive candidates, knocking on doors for elections in nearby states, writing postcards, making phone calls, and asking our friends and relatives to get involved in key elections in their states.  For more information go to Red to Blue.

  • Identify other issues and actions that focus on DC-related issues, such DC home rule (e.g., Congress’s intervention in our local death with dignity, abortion rights, and gun laws) and local racial justice and immigration issues. Learn about issue groups sponsored by NOPE members: the Racial Justice Working Group and Neighbors Rising (which supports low-income immigrant neighbors).

  • Provide a clearinghouse of resources. We are all inundated with great ideas and sources of information about how to resist. NOPE! will help you filter these ideas to provide useful resources and identify actions that DC residents can take. Check out our library of local, state, and federal resources in the Learn section.

  • Take advantage of our location in Washington DC and our talented NOPE! members who have knowledge, expertise, and talent in relevant areas like law, policy, marketing, and organizing.

  • Provide an opportunity for NOPE! members to share their ideas and actions and connect with each other through Facebook, this website, meetings, and organized resistance activities.

Our Origins

Several Chevy Chase DC residents started NOPE! in November 2016 shortly after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. Scared about the implications of Trump's likely political actions, our goal was to bring together our neighbors, friends, and colleagues in the DC area to take tangible and decisive actions against the new Administration's unacceptable policies and programs. Two events occurred soon after the election that motivated NOPE! to immediate action, even as we were still setting up our Facebook page and organization. First, we learned that Vice President-Elect Mike Pence had moved into our neighborhood - at 3333 Tennyson Street. Neighbors on the block started a peaceful protest to let Mr. Pence know that we stand in support of the LGBT community and reject his anti-gay policies and positions. With NOPE!'s help, rainbow flags started flying from homes throughout the neighborhood. Next, on December 4, a young man from North Carolina entered Comet Ping Pong, our neighborhood pizza restaurant, with his assault weapon to "self-investigate" the false story that the pizza place and other businesses on the block were involved in a child sex-trafficking ring. NOPE! members sprang to action, by helping to publicize the story (including a New York Times article) and encouraging local residents to eat at Comet.